Are you planning a journey in Portugal with a foreign-registered vehicle?

We have solutions for your trip.

Traditional Toll SystemCarro

Toll barriers where vehicles must stop. These include lanes for manual payment (collect a ticket as you enter the highway and pay the toll for your trip when you exit) and reserved Via Verde lanes, to be used only by customers who have a Via Verde or compatible device activated.

As you approach the toll barrier you will see the following sign:

Exclusively Electronic Toll SystemCarro 2

This system consists of gateways mounted on highways that detect vehicles passing through, there being no need for physical toll booths or for vehicles to stop. A panel near each gateway shows the toll fees to be paid.

Click here to see which national highways use an exclusively electronic toll system.

All the stretches of road using this type of toll system are duly identified with the following signage.


If you use these roads with a foreign-registered vehicle, you must have an activated means of payment. Click here to see the options and choose the most convenient method so as to enjoy your trip to Portugal.